Quantitative multiplexed RNA analysis

ITSI – Biosciences utilizes the Panomics QuantiGene Plex Branched-DNA and Luminex xMAP technologies (QuantiGene-xMAP) to offer multiplexed RNA analysis.

Our service includes experimental design, Sample preparation, use of commercially available or in-house developed probes to analyze samples and full statistical data analysis.

Multiple RNA targets can be monitored simultaneously in the same sample.

The sensitive and reproducible QuantiGene SinglePlex and MultiPlex technology and Reagent systems has higher sensitivity than most micro arrays and this technology does not require RNA isolation, target amplification by PCR and reverse-transcription.

QuantiGene-xMAP can be applied for research in the following areas: cancer, cardiac disease, cellular signaling, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, endocrine, matrix metalloproteinases, metabolic disease, neurobiology, transcription factors and nuclear Receptors. Most biological and clinical samples can be analyzed, including, tissue homogenate, cell lysate, whole blood, purified RNA, serum, plasma, and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded samples.

Partial list of assays available: 1L6R, ACTB, BAD, BAK1 (BAK), BCL2, BCL2L1 (BCL-XL), CDKN1A (CDKN1), CFLAR (CFLIP), CSF2, GAPD, IFN-gamma, IL-1 beta, IL-10, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, NFKB2, NFKBIA (NFKIA), NKFB1, PPIB, Ptk2B (RAFTK), RELA, RELB, TNF, TNFAIP3 (A20), TNFRSF6 (FAS), TNFSF6 (FASL), and VEGF.




Why QuantiGene – xMAP technology?

Multiplexing: Up to 100 bioassays per well; including controls.
Parallel analysis: Simultaneous quantitation of multiple RNAs in the same sample.
Sample amount: Less than 50ul for up to 100 data points.
Reproducibility: Provides consistent results and allow for easy quality control.
Accuracy: Quantitative results over a 3 to 4 log dynamic range, with strong concordance to micro array and real time PCR.

We offer the following services:

1 SP1QGX Sample Preparation for QuantiGene -xMAP Preparation of samples for SP1QGX. This service may include homogenization, filtration, fractionation, centrifugation or dilution of samples prior to analysis. Per sample
2 S100QGX QuantiGene – xMAP analysis of RNA Quantitative multiplexed RNA analysis using Panomics QuantGene Plex and Luminex xMAP technology. The level of up to 100 RNA targets can be measured simultaneously in 50ul of serum, plasma, tissue lysate and other body fluids. 1-100 samples
3 AD100QGX Assay Development for QuantiGene – xMAP analysis of RNA This service involves development assays to target RNA(s) of interest. Per target