Founded in 1982 to provide researchers with tools that were not readily available from other commercial sources, SouthernBiotech has remained a steadfast, high-quality source of secondary antibodies. Over the years we have expanded our product line to meet researchers’ changing needs. What has not changed is our commitment to customer success.

By producing secondary antibodies, then primary antibodies, and additional immunoreagents that have been proven through numerous publications over the years, providing rapid and extensive customer support, and offering fully customizable services to ensure your needs are met, we demonstrate how serious we are about your success.

Small enough to be nimble and responsive, large enough to fulfill expansive manufacturing needs, SouthernBiotech is steadfastly at your side, ensuring your success.




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We recognize that you have many choices when it comes to buying primary antibodies, but there are many reasons why SouthernBiotech should be your primary choice:

  • Quality proven over three decades of success. Scientists have been buying antibodies from us since the company was founded in 1982, long before many of our competitors were even founded.
  • Fast delivery and supply chain security thanks to our all in-house production. Whatever product or service you purchase from us, you can depend on the quality and timely delivery because all production is in our hands in our own facility.
  • Superior customer support. We sincerely care about your success and work with you to ensure our products work the way you need them to.


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How to choose a secondary antibody

Selecting a secondary antibody that will deliver good performance requires consideration of a number of factors, including features of your primary antibody, the sample, the application, and the detection technology.

Why selecting a secondary antibody should be a primary consideration

A well-chosen, well-made secondary antibody can make a big difference in the quality of your data, supporting the performance of your primary antibody by binding to the primary with high sensitivity and specificity. While your secondary antibody will not compensate for a poorly performing primary, a good primary-secondary antibody pairing should deliver high signal, low background, and clear insight into your scientific question. In this article we discuss how to choose a secondary antibody, covering the different factors you should consider during the selection process.

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How to select an isotype control

Produced from normal serum, myeloma serum, and monoclonal cell lines, SouthernBiotech’s purified immunoglobulins make excellent isotype controls and blocking reagents for any application, including flow cytometry and IHC.

When selecting an immunoglobulin as an isotype control antibody, be sure to choose one that is the same as your primary antibody in:

  • Host species
  • Isotype (i.e., IgG, IgM, etc.)
  • Conjugation (if any)

For example, if your primary antibody is a Mouse (IgG2a) Anti-Human CD11a-FITC, you will need a Mouse IgG2a-FITC isotype control.

For the most informative results, we recommend that you use the isotype control antibody at the same concentration as the primary antibody.


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Reliable, fast-shipping reagents and kits

Supporting your antibody workflow needs, SouthernBiotech offers a carefully chosen selection of reagents and kits optimized for your success. By focusing our manufacturing on a small range of antibody-related products, we ensure the quality and reliability of our supply to maximize your insight and productivity.

Clonotyping Isotyping Kits – Antibodies and purified standards for isotyping mouse monoclonal antibodies and quantitative studies of mouse immunoglobulins by ELISA.

Mounting Media – Aqueous-based Fluoromount-G® mounting media for immunofluorescence provides a semi-permanent seal for slide storage.

Apoptosis Kits & Reagents – Kits and reagents for evaluating subpopulations of cells undergoing apoptosis.

Mycoplasma Detection Kit – PCR based kit that detects over 95% of potential cell culture infections.

Flow Cytometry Reagents – Optimal buffers and reagents for successful assay performance and consistent results.

Gelatin Coated Slides – Subbed slides for lasting tissue attachment throughout staining and washing.

Protein A & G – Unconjugated and conjugated immunoglobulin (Ig) binding proteins for antibody purification, ELISA, and immunoprecipitation.

Normal Sera – Normal serum for use as a blocking reagent for a range of immunoassays, including immunohistochemistry (IHC) and western blotting.