Cell Biolabs, Inc

Cell Biolabs, Inc. proudly develops and commercializes innovative technologies and tools for life science research. We are committed to providing the best products that facilitate discovery of the mechanisms underlying cell function and disease.

Our unique, cutting-edge products are currently used around the world in the research laboratories of universities, government institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our core areas of expertise include:

We pride ourselves in our ability to commercialize new technologies. If you have a technology that you believe would add value to the life science research community, please click here.

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Our Expertise

Cell Biolabs, Inc. proudly develops novel assays and reagents to advance cell and molecular biology. We are scientists driven by a devotion to discovery and innovation, and we work hard every day to find new ways to streamline life science research. Whether you trust us for our Cell-Based AssaysViral Expression SystemsOxidative Stress AssaysPathogen and Toxin Assays, or reagents for Cell SignallingStem Cell Research, or Metabolism Research, we can help you with experimental design, assay protocols, and data analysis.