SMT -2020a
  • Trimming Thickness Range : 1um-600um
  • Setting Values:1um-20um in 1 um increments
  • 20um-100um in 5um increments
  • 100um-200um in 10um increments
  • 200um-500um in 50um increments
  • Section Thickness Range:0.5um-60um
  • Setting Values:0.5um-2um in 0.5um increments.
  • 2um-10um in 1um increments
  • 10um-20um in 2 um increments
  • 20um-60um in 5 um increments
  • Minimum Setting Value: 0.5um
  • Horizontal Object feed:28-30mm, feed motion via stepper  motor.
  • Vertical stroke:65-70mm
  • Specimen Orientation  : x- and y-axes : universal 80
  • Z-axis : up to 3600
  • Retraction:Adjustable or 5-200um
  • Max. Specimen size : 50x40x40mm.
  • Storage Temperature range:-200 C up to +500C
  • Operating conditions:+50 C up to +400C indoor only
  • Operation:Semi-automatic
  • Nominal Voltage:220V, 50Hz/110V, 60Hz
  • Certification:ISO, CE approved
  • Warranty:1 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.


Ergonomically optimized designed Lockable handwheel for effort less manual sectioning at any position for user safety and Hand wheel lock via a break plate and a hand wheel grip.
Multi-purpose microtome for sectioning paraffin, semi, thin and hard specimens.
Trimming range: 10-20 micrometres (5% variation)
Vertical and horizontal maintenance free cross roller bearing mechanism to ensure accurate reproducibility of section thickness.
Sectioning/Trimming Mode of cutting.
Capable of cutting paraffin as well epoxy resin blocks
Holder for both high and low profile disposable steel blades and steel knives is provided separately for microtome.
Blade holder for disposable blades and standard specimen clamp
Mechanical automated feeding system
Lateral Knife holder adjustment
Micrometer feed system with Backlash
Motorized specimen advance
LED/HDMI display
Large storage capacity on the top of the instrument for easy access of tools.
Finger protection guard to protect the used from any injuries caused due to blade.
Complete function of automatic sectioning, Fast trimming and Slice counting, section thickness, trimming thickness, sum remaining travel of specimen feed and date information
Robust and stable base plate for maximum stability to the microtome. Cutting stroke manual by hand wheel.
Specimen retraction during return travel is 125um.
Cutting drive with hand wheel and attached waste tray.
Specimen retraction is occur in return stroke
Safety alarm system indicating the end positions.
Precision stepper motor and a micro step drive to ensure accurate specimen forward & backward.
Rotary high precision manual microtome for paraffin sections
Precision specimen orientation with fine orientation & zero point reference.
Integrated lockable hand wheel capable of being locked in any desired position.
Wide section waste tray.
Section thickness range: 1 and 30 micrometres (maximum 5% variation only)
Block holder: universal cassette clamps (tissue microarray compatible)
1 year warranty. Extended warranty can be provided on request.