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siRNA/Chemically Modified siRNA Synthesis

Link Biotech provide you the newest siRNA synthesis service. We provide chemically modification, which has better efficiency, stability, and extensional time. Our siRNA can be easily delivered into animals, which can help your experiments.

siRNA Chemically modified siRNA
in vitro stability weak strong
Reaction time shorter, 1 week Longer, 2 weekst
in vivo activity weak strong
Reproducibility high higher

*siRNA and Chemically-modified siRNA

siRNA 2OD / 4OD/8OD
in vivo siRNA
chemically-modified siRNA

*siRNA and Chemically-modified siRNA set - Guaranteed > 70% knock-down in mRNA level

siRNA set

3 x 2 OD negative control siRNA

1 OD negative control siRNA

1 OD FAM labeled negative control siRNA

1 OD positive control siRNA

Chemically-modified siRNA set

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