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BIOSTRING INCORPORATION (BIOSTRING) comes with a comprehensive portfolio of Research Services that span across Genomics, Proteomics to Universities, Academic medical centers, Government Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals.


SRL was established in the year 1975 to meet the growing demand of Research Chemicals in India and neighbouring countries. Under leadership of Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. S.K. Agarwal, the Company has completed more than 4 decades of manufacturing highly complex and international quality Reagents & Biochemicals in India. at a time when no other Indian company had the know-how or the technical expertise to perform the complex reactions required for manufacturing very high purity biochemicals. Today the Company manufactures and markets a product range of about 5000 products in different grades, product segments and and various standard packing sizes. We also offer these sophisticated and high purity chemicals in bulk and semi-bulk packs to the R&D and production units of various industries, universities & research institutions for their larger requirements.


Reliable data is at the heart of every scientific endeavor, whether the data is generated by a graduate student advancing our basic understanding of cellular processes or a clinical laboratory scientist conducting diagnostic assays to ensure human health. However, the path to reliable data can be long and complicated, with the potential for a failed assay or experiment a daily concern that’s exacerbated by the pressure to deliver timely results.

At MP Biomedicals, our focus is on reducing the day-to-day complexities and uncertainties that scientists face so that you can move your projects forward quickly and confidently.


BIO BASIC INC. is a life science research-support company founded in Toronto, Canada - Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada and Amherst, New York, United States. As of 2016, our offices are now also located in UK and Singapore.


Our mission is to expand the reach of our world-leading expertise in carbohydrates and nucleosides, and to provide it to innovators developing cutting-edge products that will improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

We are committed to continuous improvement and are working towards becoming the favourite resource for scientists developing revolutionary medicines and diagnostics.

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